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We are a New York State Approved Contractor for EV Charger Installations

Functioning as a one stop shop, GoFOBS takes responsibility from installation to management with our cloud based service management systems to give clients a smooth an easy transition to the future of Electric Vehicles. As the automotive industry evolves GoFOBS will continuously adapt to help businesses stay up to date with the changing times that allow them to best support the vehicles of their customers.

GoFOBS is a leader in the growing EV charging market pushing for clean energy through electric vehicles and electric vehicle appliances.

GoFOBS was established by G Soul Inc.  GoFOBS was created as a marketing strategy for brand extension and to be part of an ongoing opportunity. Seeking growth into the EV charger market and Green Energy Efforts 

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Design & Installation

The government has offered incentives for EV chargers and we work with you to find the best benefits for your business to guarantee the maximization of these incentives.

From Approval to Management

Let us handle the hard work!  Just relax as we take care of the application, construction management , installations and  funding assistance.

Management Support Systems

All of our systems come with cloud based management support. Control your prices. set access, and manage your data for easy collection in one simple app.

In EV Charging Technology

We work with the best suppliers and development teams to make sure all our chargers are at the forefront of EV charging technology.

To Environment Health

GoFobs got into this business because we are committed to the health of the environment. Through EV  Charging we can lower the worlds carbon emissions.

Supporting Businesses of All Sizes

This is the most pivotal time to get your business into EV Charging and we want to help our neighbors and community to have an easy time doing so.

Our CEO says

We're committed to helping your electric vehicle reach everywhere without, the fear of lack of charging.

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    GoFobs is the leading electric vehicle charging systems supplier in the North American market, located in New York City. We provide the best fit AC Level 2 and DC Fast Charger solutions for your business needs.
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