Central Hudson - DCFC Incentive Program
Central Hudson - DCFC Incentive Program

Central Hudson – DCFC Incentive Program

Direct Current Fast Charging

The Incentive

The incentive is based on the year of participation, for 2019 the incentive is $11,000 per plug for plugs rated to dispense 75 kW or greater, declining annually by one-seventh throughout the seven year program period. Annual incentives will be earned on a per plug basis as follows:

The annual per-plug incentive for plugs rated to dispense a minimum of 50 kW but less than 75 kW will be 60% of the annual incentive noted above. The total DCFC station annual incentive payment shall not exceed the total delivery cost for the twelve-month billing period in which the incentive is being calculated (delivery cost cap). No incentives will be earned for twelve-month periods commencing after December 31, 2025.

Source: Central Hudson


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