Con Edison – DCFC Incentive Program
Con Edison – DCFC Incentive Program

Con Edison – DCFC Incentive Program

Direct Current Fast Charging

The Incentive

Each connector (i.e., plug) that meets the requirements of the program is eligible for an annual incentive payment.

The full incentive is available for plugs rated with power capacity of 75kW and higher, and a 60-percent incentive is available for plugs rated 50kW to 74kW. Payments are made annually from the date equipment is placed in service, from the initial program year through the end of the program in 2025.

Through March 19, 2023, proprietary plugs are eligible for a mixed-tier incentive in the case where they are co-located with at least two commonly accepted non-proprietary plugs. The mixed-tier incentive is dependent on the charging capability of the non-proprietary plugs.

Non-proprietary plugs in the 50 kW to 74kW incentive tier at the customer’s or shared site are eligible for the 60-percent incentive.

Proprietary plugs 75 kW or higher can receive the full incentive, and the non-proprietary plug can receive the 60-percent incentive, at sites where at least two accessible, non-proprietary plugs that can simultaneously provide 62.5 kW to 74 kW are present.

Source: Con Edison


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