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EV Charging Stations
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What EV Chargers Can Do For You

EV charging stations can help you stand out as a sustainability leader, attract new visitors, and create a new revenue stream. 

How Much Will
My Business Profit
From EV Chargers?

• The cost of a charge varies depending on how long a customer uses the charger. In average the amount spent charging is $20~$35 per use.


• A full battery (80%) takes about 20~30 minutes to charge using DCFC (Direct Current Fast Charge)


• Approximately $400 gross sales per day (8 hours per day for an average of 16 uses at $25 per use)


• 35% Profit after a deduction of 50% for electric costs and 15% for management and business expenses

• Increased Visibility to EV Drivers looking for businesses with EV Charger accommodations.

• Increased reputation as an eco-friendly business increasing customer and employee loyalty.

• Access to government promotions and funds for EV friendly businesses.

• As mentioned prior increased revenue from customers charging at your business.

• You can hold promotions utilizing EV Charging Stations such as “Free EV charging day” and “Spend $100 get free EV charging”.

Why are EV Chargers a
Good Business?

What About
Non-Retail Based

• The installation of EV Chargers  to the workplace is beneficial to everyone including employers and employees.


Employers can reach sustainability goals for their businesses, enhance productivity and satisfaction for employees that use EV vehicles, and enhance their business image.

Employees can save money on their work commutes and have more commuting flexibility by not having to plan ahead for a recharge.

Everyone benefits from a healthier environment.


• Our EV charging station installations will be performed promptly and professionally so that the job is completed on time and on budget, and so that the EV charger is totally reliable.

• Residential electric cost and commercial electric cost are different from each other. Commercial electric cost is cheaper, especially EV Charging stations due to the government support. 

• DCFC charge cars up to 20 times faster than L2 chargers.  Meaning it’s more convenient for customers to make more use of your businesses chargers.

• A lot of NYC residents don’t have their own parking lot to allow them to charge their vehicles relying on public spaces.

Why will EV Owners
Charge at My Business?

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