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From the planing and incentive approvals through the installation and management
Information & Applications
With the information you provide us and with further research we look into what benefits you qualify for.
Site Design
We work with the contractor to go over your site to create a set of working plans for the charger installation.
Application Review
The application is submitted to the utility company and available program. This step covers everything from the utility review eligibility and site information; to assessing costs and feasibility.
Construction & Installation
After everything is approved and we know the amount granted, we start the installation process to equip your site with EV chargers
Chargers are installed and activated. Client provides documentation and reports operational data. The utility company provides payment to the client.
Use our cloud based management system to easily oversee your chargers, collect data, set prices, and control access.

Now's the Best Time
To Install EV Chargers

Make-Ready & DC Fast Charger


Our stations are strategically located so you can charge your vehicle anywhere to keep it up and running

Public & Business

Shopping Mall, Retail, Hotels, Restaurants and more for your customers and employees

Community & Fleet

Apartment, Condo, Government, Office Building & Fleet for daily drivers

Cloud Management & Network

Comprehensive EV charging management software to control access, pricing, and performance on your charging stations. More for your customers and employees

EV Charging station finder for drivers

Simply download the app and find our EV charging Network
Login to pay and monitor performance 

EV Charging management for business

You can set price and manage access control for your customers and employees

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