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There are many ways to take advantage of your Electric Vehicle. Why not start with us?

GoFobs has many partners located throughout the area who would love to give your vehicle a charge. Locate them through our website or app after registering your car with us and find our closest charging station!

Using the GoFobs app you can sync with your vehicle to track energy usage, find our partners, and earn cash back as well as many other rewards for recharging your vehicle using one of our EV Chargers!

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The Provider Advantage

Besides GoFobs there is a push by local governments and electrical service providers for more electric car usage. Each state has different incentives but if you look up the major electrical service providers and environmental sector on tour state website you can learn more about these rewards. They can range anywhere from cash back to tax credits.


The benefits and rewards vary between each state so look on your state government website to see what kind of benefits you can earn!


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