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Any building that has a a parking lot with 10 or more parking spaces or any business/apartments with 15 or more employees/residents.

Installation depends on the surrounding power lines and the layout and design of the lot. On average, the approximate cost for installing a single L2 Charger is about $10,000 and DCFC Charger will cost $50,000 per single unit

The total process takes about an average of 180 days in New York State from start to completion.

(changes depending on site layout and requirements.)

Absolutely, the cost changes depending on how long a customer uses the charger but the average spent charging is approximately $25~$35 per use. This is in comparison to customers driving gas cars who use your parking for free.

We can help with your financing plan, we can offer some tips and tricks. Drive off with this dream car of yours regardless of your credit history.

Yes, studies have shown that customers charging their vehicle at your business  are more likely to go inside and make a purchase, increasing in store sales by 17% or more

We take care of all the hard parts for you. You come to us and we figure out what it takes to install chargers, the cost, the time frame, and what kind of incentives you are entitled to!

Network control over your chargers allows you to set the price, control access, and easy to collect data usage and metrics to submit for benefits given by the government.

A $3Million investment with 15 chargers will take about 3-5 years.

A $6Million investment with 15 chargers will take about 2-4 years.

ROI scales as time goes on due to increase popularity in the EV market

(rate changes based on property cost, design, and installation cost)


The EV charger market has an expanding growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.7% from 2022 to 2030

Profit is after a deduction of 50% for city electric costs and 20% for management and business expenses. This leave a total of 30% net profit

A MBE is a Minority Business Enterprise

A SDVOSB is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

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