National Grid DCFC Incentive Program
National Grid DCFC Incentive Program

National Grid DCFC Incentive Program

Direct Current Fast Charging

The Incentives

New, publicly accessible DCFC greater than 50 kW for electric vehicles are eligible for an annual incentive from National Grid. If a station is composed of more than one plug, each plug which can simultaneously dispense power with other plug is eligible to earn an incentive. The incentive declines over time and is payable annually. Up to 300 plugs will be eligible to earn the incentive in National Grid’s upstate New York Service territory.  Eligible plugs earn an incentive for every year which they are eligible between 2019 and 2025. To become eligible, a station must complete their application for service, including the payment for any applicable infrastructure upgrades, known as the CIAC (Contribution in-aid of construction). After a full year of operation, each plug in service is eligible for the full incentive associated with the program year. The actual incentive will be capped at the lower of the actual delivery bill of the station for that year and the applicable incentive level. Plugs rated between greater than 50 kW, but less than 75 kW are eligible for 60% of the incentive of those greater than >75 kW in any year.

* National Grid covers up to 100 percent of electric infrastructure associated with new EV charging stations, for approved projects.

* Customer is responsible for charger costs, annual maintenance cost, and ongoing electricity costs

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